How to make pickles in 5 days

This is the easiest recipe for how to make pickles in 5 days. You really need only 3 ingredients: cucumbers, salt and water.

Doesn’t have to be more complicated than this to make delicious homemade pickles. I know it’s hard to believe but just give it a try! 🙂 

We love fermented foods because of their natural probiotics but also because they are tasty 🙂 

We grew up in families where fermented foods were served daily so it’s normal to maintain them in our new family that we created, as well.

Some may think that it’s complicated or dangerous to make fermented vegetables at home but with easy recipes like this one, you have no risk.

You only need cucumbers, salt and water, and in 5 days the magic is done 🙂 we also have an easy recipe for sauerkraut, same simple ingredients but the process is a bit different, check it out here: link.

Ingredients for 2 jars, each of approx. 2l:

  • 10 medium size cucumbers
  • 6 tablespoons sea salt (very important to choose sea salt and not iodium one)
  • approx. 2 l water

Steps to follow:

  1. Start by boiling 2 l of filtered water 
  2. Once it’s boiled, turn of the gas and add the sea salt, mix it and let it cool
  3. In the meantime start slicing the cucumbers, you can slice them by half (our preferred version) or slice them in small pieces, make sure to be thick enough so that will not get soggy
  4. Optional step: you can get creative here and add other herbs like parsley, dill or other vegetables like carrots/garlic, you can add also peppercorns; we didn’t add any of those ingredients in our pickles and they’re still delicious
  5. Add the sliced cucumbers into the jars and fill half of the jars with the salty cooled water
  6. Fill the rest of the jar with normal filtered water
  7. Add a weight on top to keep the cucumbers below the brine (very important, to avoid mold) and put the jar lid on loosely because in the fermenting process some natural gases need to be released
  8. Let them for 5 days on your kitchen counter and check on them daily, that they have enough water (if not add more), that they are still beneath the brine and that no mosquitoes have access to them 🙂
  9. After the 5 days have passed, keep them in the fridge and they will last for months!

Below a video to better understand the process.

That’s it! Follow the steps above carefully and you’ll have tasty homemade pickles in no time 🙂

How to make pickles in 5 days

Ingredients for 2 jars of 2l:

 – 10 medium size cucumbers

 – 6 tablespoons sea salt

 – 2 l filtered water


Difficulty level: super easy

Time to prepare: 20 minutes

Time to rest: 5 days



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