Easy DIY changing table

With this easy DIY changing table project, you will be able to save money and be creative at the same time.

The arrival of a baby is already complicated enough and may seem that you need expensive baby products to manage it. 

We’ll show you how simple recycled products can be transformed in really useful every day baby products, like the changing table. 🙂

First of all I’d like to explain why we chose this kind of changing table because there are different versions out there. 

Some that have also drawers (like this one), some that have also the bath option incorporated (like this one) and others that are not actual changing tables but a dresser where the changing mat is placed.

We considered all the options above but the issue was that we needed one to fit in our bathroom, close to the sink.

The reason is the actual use of the changing table, to change the dirty diapers 🙂 not very funny, but will happen multiple times a day and I want to be able to do it in the most hygienic way possible.

My intention is to use as less disposable wipes as possible, and therefore wash the baby’s butt with every diaper change, and be able to wash my hands soon after. My fight with the disposable wipes is for the good of the environment but also to prevent any diaper rash.

Since no already made changing table would have fitted in our bathroom, we decided to make our own, recycling some old furniture parts.

If you read until here, you might be in our situation as well, so get inspired by this easy DIY changing table project and feel free to improve it.

We didn’t care about the aesthetic so much but we needed it to work 🙂 

Tools/products needed (watch the photos below for better understanding):

  • recycled wood parts from old furniture
  • hand saw
  • meter stick & ruler combined
  • powered screwdriver
  • screws
  • wood paint (optional)

Steps to follow:

  1. With the meter stick, take the right measurements for the changing table
  2. Prepare the first screw holes
  3. Start by screwing together the base using a powered screwdriver
  4. Using the hand saw, make the top of the changing table and screw it to the base
  5. Optionally you can paint it using a wood paint

That’s it, in a few hours, the changing table is ready and you only need the changing mat to be placed on top.

Below a video to better understand the process.

P.S. In case you’re interested in another DIY baby product, check out this laundry detergent for babies, link, it’s all natural, your baby’s skin will benefit from it.

Easy DIY changing table

Products/tools needed:

 – recycled wood parts from old furniture

 – hand saw

 – meter stick & ruler combined

 – powered screwdriver

 – screws

 – wood paint (optional)


Difficulty level: easy

Time needed: 2-3 hours

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