2 ingredients pancakes recipe

If you love pancakes as much as we do, you’ll find this 2 ingredients pancakes recipe a life changer.

The pancakes are ready in less than 10 minutes and are also healthy! what more one can ask for???

You really need only 2 ingredients: eggs and bananas.

The quantities are easy to remember:

one medium banana + one egg = healthy pancakes

You’ll definitely go bananas over how simple it is, just follow these steps:

 – Smash the banana

 – Add the egg and mix it together but don’t overdo it

 – Preheat the pan and put some coconut oil or butter in it

 – Once well heated, slowly pour a small quantity (full spoon) of the banana and egg mixture and let it cook well for at least 2-3 minutes

 – Turn the heat down to slow medium level so that the pancakes have enough time to cook on the inside

 – Once solid enough, flip them only once and let them cook for another minute on the other side as well

Watch the video below for more guidance:

The secret is to make small pancakes so that they’ll be easier to flip, remember that we didn’t put any flour or other ingredient that help keep them together, only banana and egg 🙂

Repetition is the master of perfection so don’t quit if they’re not perfect from the first attempt, I can assure you that are delicious anyway.

Can be served with maple syrup (although already quite sweet if you use mature bananas), other fruits or with yogurt.

Great for kids as well!

2 ingredients pancakes recipe

 – 1 egg

 – 1 mature banana (it’s sweeter)

 – coconut oil or butter for frying

Difficulty level: super easy

Time to prepare: 2 minutes

Time to cook: 8 minutes

Food ready in: 10 minutes


Tips for success:

 – don’t over smash the banana

 –  don’t over mix the 2 ingredients

> just in general: don’t overdo anything <

 – flip only once

 – try it!

If you want to get more fancy, you may want to try the sourdough pancakes recipe, here the link

Check it out and let us know which one do you prefer best! 🙂 

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