Pregnancy products worth buying

I’m in my 38th pregnancy week and I’m gonna share with you my top pregnancy products worth buying.

I’m that kind of person who likes to invest in good products and use them for long periods #lesswaste. 

Therefore I was sceptic to even buy pregnancy products that will be useful only for 9 months, but these ones were so worth it for my health and comfort! and are useful also on the postpartum period 🙂 

At the beginning of my pregnancy journey I tried google the essential products for pregnant women and I got scared by the multiple products available out there.

Some needed only in the first trimester, others in the second and so on. I got so angry as I try to buy less and less products and avoid consumerism.

So it was not easy to find out what were the products worth buying and include them in my everyday pregnant life to avoid some health problems and have the comfort I’m used to.

But as the weeks went by, my body was really showing me what he needed. I started having discomfort sleeping because of the growing belly so I bought the pregnancy pillow.

I observed how the skin was stretching on my again growing belly and I documented myself about the best moisturizer that can help with the stretch marks. 

Therefore trust me when I say that these below are the top 15 pregnancy products worth buying or having. They are all tested on my skin 🙂 

1. Pregnancy pillow 

Used since the first trimester, I can’t know if it’s thanks to this pillow but I really  had no back pain whatsoever. 

I made sure to buy one that is not too big (want to continue to stay close to my husband) and that can be used also as breastfeeding pillow. Here a link with the one I bought.

2. Moisturizer – almond oil

I was quite obsessed with finding the best moisturizer on the market to avoid stretch marks. After several research and suggestions received from other moms and medical personnel, I chose the 100% pure sweet almond oil. 

I use it twice a day, morning and evening and as of now, I can happily say that no stretch marks appeared. Additional benefit, can be used also on babies to prevent diaper rash and to massage their delicate skin after bath.

3. Pretty reusable water bottle 

It’s very important to drink plenty of water during pregnancy but also in the breastfeeding period. So having a pretty water bottle always with you, really helps. 

You already know that plastic bottles are bad for your health and also for the environment so consider investing in a nice reusable water bottle. I chose this one that has also a straw (very comfortable) and is thermal as well.

4. Prenatal course

Preferably held by medical personnel in the hospital where you’ll be giving birth. They’ll teach you all you need to know regarding labor, delivery, postpartum and how to deal with a newborn. 

They usually show you the delivery rooms as well and you get to know the midwives, so when the moment will come, you’ll not be surprised and feel like home.

Extra benefit is the fact that you’ll get in contact with other mommas who are in the same pregnany stage as you and can share experiences and advices and sustain each other on this beautiful journey.

5. Night lights

For those frequent pee travels to the bathroom in the middle of the night, with a low light you will fall asleep easier. Ours are from ikea, really inexpensive, so worth it, link

Useful also after the birth because you’ll always be able to see the baby in the night and feed, change the diapers or just make sure that he breaths 🙂 my strongest fear, don’t judge me..

6. Yoga/gym ball 

Really great for working the pelvic muscles and work on the body posture as well, to help the baby get in the right position for birth – head down. 

But you may also use it in the first months with your newborn and bounce him to help get rid of colics.

7. Tapis roulant 

For me was essential because most of my pregnancy happened in autumn/winter period so because of the bad weather I wasn’t able to walk outside for at least 30 minutes every day.

Walking helps so much in maintaining you in a good shape and have an easier labor, so with this tapis roulant in my bedroom, I had no excuse to do the work. 

8. Comfortable pre maman leggings and jeans

Once the belly starts growing, in my case in the 2nd trimester, you’ll be surprised to see how uncomfortable your normal jeans and pants are. 

Before getting frustrated and try to get in those panties by any mean, consider investing in a few pairs of pre maman leggings and jeans. They’re sooo comfortable that you’ll want to wear them also after pregnancy 🙂

9. Comfortable flat shoes

If you’re lucky you’ll gain around 12 kg during the pregnancy, but there are also persons like me who gain 20 kg and beyond.. again don’t judge me! 🙂 

Therefore, your feet need great comfortable shoes to sustain the all of the sudden extra weight otherwise issues can arrive like: corns & swollen feet

10. Comfortable pyjamas

Yes, also the pyjamas will get tight and there’s no reason to fight that, just buy new pretty larger ones and have a good sleep 🙂 

11. Comfortable bras and underwear

One of the perks of being pregnant is that the boobs look like you just had a boob job 🙂 now consider buying comfortable bras because the bad is that they become very sensitive.

And of course here is a good excuse to buy new comfortable underwear! Since everything will grow together with your belly, your butt will be growing lots too, so buy those new bigger undies and feel good about it!

12. Basic stretch tops that work with everything

I have only a few maternity clothes, as you might have understood by now, I don’t like buying items that I know I’ll use only for a short period of time. 

Therefore I discovered that with some good quality basic stretch tops, I can arrive to the 9th pregnancy month and look also cute in it 🙂 yeah stretchy momma, show that beautiful belly!

13. Good quality panty liners

During pregnancy a lot of fluids are gonna get discharged and that’s a good sign that everything is working well. But may be uncomfortable if you have to stay multiple hours outside.

That’s why you want to invest in good panty liners with no perfumes or chemicals in it, you want to avoid any infections down there.

14. Pregnancy & parenting books

I like to document myself in general about everything before experiencing it, so pregnancy, newborn and parenting books were my top favorites during the last months.

At the same time, I don’t like to accumulate too many informations and get scared that I’ll not be able to handle everything.

I know that a lot of things will come naturally and I don’t have to read all parenting books to be a good parent I just have to act like one.

That being said, the books below are the ones really worth buying:

  • Bringing up bebe by Pamela Druckerman
  • The good sleeper by Dr. Janet Kennedy
  • Your self confident baby by Magda Gerber, Allison Johnson
  • The wonder weeks by Frans Plooij, Hetty van de Rijt, Xaviera Plas
15. Pregnancy track app and youtube videos 

These 2 can be also free but help so much.

With a good pregnancy track app you’ll weekly/daily receive good info for the stage you’re in and prepare for the future. Very helpful also the contraction counter when in labor.

Regarding the youtube videos, I think I saw all of them, from what’s in my hospital bag to the first week with a newborn. So grateful that people choose to vlog and share these intimate moments, in this way you know what to expect.

Before leaving I must confess that some of the products I bought second hand (like the tapis roulant) or I rented from friends (like the gym ball).

I can’t stress enough the importancy of #lesswaste concept. Many times we buy things that we don’t even use twice, so please be very mindful before buying anything 🙂 

P.S. In case you want to know what’s in my hospital bag, check out this post, I really tried to pack the essentials 🙂

Pregnancy products worth buying

Top 15 favorites

1. Pregnancy pillow

2. Moisturizer

3. Reusable water bottle

4. Prenatal course

5. Night lights

6. Yoga/gym ball

7. Tapis roulant

8. Pre maman leggings & jeans

9. Comfortable flat shoes

10. Comfortable PJ

11. Comfortable bras & undies

12. Basic stretch tops

13. Panty liners

14. Pregnancy & Parenting books

15. Pregnancy app & youtube videos

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