3 Days London itinerary

In this blog post we’ll guide you through the top 10 attractions for a 3 days London itinerary.

I think everyone loves London and we don’t even need too many reasons for that.

Maybe it’s because of its beautiful buildings and streets or because of the beautiful mix of people who live there. I have no idea but I wish I’ll live there too for a period of time.

Enough about my affection for London, let’s get straight to business!

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Top 10 attractions for 3 days in Paris

We’re about to share with you the top 10 attractions for 3 days in Paris and a guide itinerary to fully sense the magic of this city.

Paris is always a good idea, but if you visit it for the first time, you might want to decide in advance what are your top attractions because, spoiler alert: Paris is full of amazing ones!!

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How to make sourdough pancakes

Let’s find out how to make sourdough pancakes, you’ll discover that it’s easier than it seems!

For this recipe you’ll just need to document yourself a bit about sourdough starter, its benefits and what else? oh sure, the ingredients: sourdough starter, eggs, honey, coconut oil (or butter), baking soda and salt.

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5 Tips for an easier labor and delivery

So I’m in the last month of my pregnancy journey and want to share with you the 5 most important tips that I implemented on my day to day pregnant life for an easier labor and delivery experience.

I received these tips from the midwives, friends which already had a baby and other moms that I religiously follow on social media.

I can’t advice enough to have a prenatal course, with medical personnel that can guide you through this beautiful, yet quite terrifying experience if not well informed and supported.

But enough with the talking and let’s get straight to business:

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What’s in my hospital bag

Let’s see what’s in my hospital bag as I procrastinated this topic enough, now it’s really time to pack!

I’m in my 36th pregnancy week and I documented myself a lot for this topic.

First of all I checked what are the hospital requests, then I asked the midwives during the prenatal course and during the exams. 

Finally I checked with my already mommy friends and the infinite youtube videos on this topic.

Now I’m ready to share with you what I actually packed in my hospital bag and spoiler alert: I tried to keep it as minimal as possible 😊

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