How to make aioli sauce

Interested in how to make aioli sauce? Then you have already tasted it and fell in love like us 🙂 

The recipe we’re gonna share is the one of a restaurant in Mallorca, where we have tasted it for the first time and just couldn’t leave the place without it.

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Pregnancy products worth buying

I’m in my 38th pregnancy week and I’m gonna share with you my top pregnancy products worth buying.

I’m that kind of person who likes to invest in good products and use them for long periods #lesswaste. 

Therefore I was sceptic to even buy pregnancy products that will be useful only for 9 months, but these ones were so worth it for my health and comfort! and are useful also on the postpartum period 🙂 

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Panna cotta recipe

With this panna cotta recipe you’ll instantly taste “la dolce vita” of the italians.

It doesn’t take you more than 20 minutes to prepare it and it’s delicious. Surprise your friends and family with this simple italian recipe and thank us later 😉

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DIY Makeup remover pads

This project was easy and fun, DIY makeup remover pads and you’ll never run out of this product again!

In our path to a #lesswaste lifestyle, I like to identify single-use items and try to replace them with reusable ones. The satisfaction is even higher when we can make these products at home!

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How to make sauerkraut

If you’re interested in how to make sauerkraut then you already know how delicious the fermented foods are and that they’re great for our immune system!

But fermenting vegetables may sound intimidating and difficult to make, continue reading and let us destroy these myths 🙂  

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Laundry detergent for babies

It’s widely known that babies have sensitive skin, so a homemade laundry detergent for babies is just what  you need to prevent any skin rashes.

This recipe is great for a first timer in the DIY products, as it’s fast, easy to make, with simple ingredients and quite cheap!

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How to make your baby sleep through the night


Once I found out I was pregnant I immediately started to document myself about a lot of things regarding newborns, but especially about how to make your baby sleep through the night.

Sleeping is for me as important as food in order to have a normal energy level and I found out that it’s even more important than food for newborns.

That was great news!

Unfortunately I also discovered that babies have to be taught how to sleep so I wrote here the best advices, from different sources, on how to make your baby sleep through the night. Use it as a reminder handbook on those difficult times.

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