How to make sourdough pancakes

Let’s find out how to make sourdough pancakes, you’ll discover that it’s easier than it seems!

For this recipe you’ll just need to document yourself a bit about sourdough starter, its benefits and what else? oh sure, the ingredients: sourdough starter, eggs, honey, coconut oil (or butter), baking soda and salt.

What is actually a sourdough starter?

Well, imagine it as the grand father of the now packaged yeast, more natural organic and authentic. Our ancestors were making it for centuries and was shared from generation to generation before the actual version was invented.

Here are some great sources to learn more about why to use sourdough starter and maybe to try to make your very own, I can assure it’s a very satisfying experience. Here is a photo of mine: 

Ok, now that you’re in love with sourdough, let’s see how to make sourdough pancakes!

It’s quite easy because you just put all the ingredients in a ball (except for the baking soda) and mix them slowly together with a spoon.

You want to add the baking soda last and watch the starter foam up.

Make sure that the pan is pre heated and start adding a tea spoon of coconut oil or butter

Now you’re ready to slowly pour a ladle full of batter, right in the middle of the pan.

At this point, turn the heat down to slow medium level so that the pancake has enough time to cook well on the inside.

Once solid enough (no more than 3 minutes) give it a flip.

The secret is to flip only once, so pay attention to this step, watch the video down below for more guidance.

Once flipped, give it another minute and your sourdough pancake is ready! 🙂 easy right?

Now repeat, repeat, repeat as the repetition is the master of everything 🙂 and in this case gives you and your family’s lots of healthy pancakes to eat for your breakfast. 

Fast and easy!

All the members of the family will love it, especially if served with other ingredients one may like, as fruits, maple syrup, jam and why not: nutella! 🙂

How to make sourdough pancakes

 – 2 cups fed sourdough starter

 – 2 eggs

 – 4 tablespoons melted coconut butter

 – 2 tablespoons honey

 – 1/2 teaspoon salt

 – 1 teaspoon baking soda

 – coconut oil or butter for frying

Difficulty level : easy

Time to prepare: 5 minutes

Time to cook: 15 minutes

Food ready in: 20 minutes

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and in case seems too complicated, check out this other one, link, it can’t get more simple than that! 🙂 

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