DIY Makeup remover pads

This project was easy and fun, DIY makeup remover pads and you’ll never run out of this product again!

In our path to a #lesswaste lifestyle, I like to identify single-use items and try to replace them with reusable ones. The satisfaction is even higher when we can make these products at home!

First of all I have to confess that I’m not good at sewing but I didn’t let this stop me from creating the DIY makeup remover pads.

If you’re like me, remember that the products don’t necessarily need to be beautiful but they have to work and pollute less 🙂 

Tools/products you’ll need:

  • an old cotton t-shirt (preferably one of your partner’s, that you hate :), the t-shirt, not your partner 🙂 )
  • scissors
  • a sewing needle
  • a sewing thread
  • a round shape form, I used a coaster 🙂 
  • the dog is optional but helps providing a good humour 🙂

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut the old shirt in round shapes using the coaster (it was a very satisfying step as on the t-shirt was written: getting officially engaged seriously harms your health – now you got it why I hated it so much? 🙂 ) 
  2. Take 2 pieces of this round fabric and start sewing them together
  3. Let a small part not sewed as we want to turn the fabric on the other side using this hole
  4. Once turned on the other side we can sew it completely
  5. Done!

This is how I’ve done it, easy and fast, without a sewing machine or other fancy products. 

I used 2 basic hand stitch types (can be seen in the photos above) both work great, no need to get a sewing training course to make the pads. 

I don’t like to lose time on aesthetics for this kind of products but as already told you, I need them to work.

There are of course many other ways to do it, more complicated, where you use different kind of fabrics, softer on the skin contact but I don’t mind the cotton sensation on my skin.

Others may put an additional material between the 2 cotton fabrics to reinforce them, I don’t consider it necessary.

Of course you can use different colors of fabrics to make them more pretty, but I think dark colors do the work better as these makeup pads tend to get stains from the foundation or mascara.

I use them like the disposable ones, only one time but the difference is that after the use, they’ll go directly into the laundry container and not in the trash.

Additional tip for mommies: can be used also as nursing pads. I made mine on purpose a bit bigger so that I’ll use them as nursing pads as well. 

From a big t-shirt you can get more than 20 makeup remover discs so I think it’s a great deal! Since you’ll need only 1 per day, you’ll have your safety stock for a week and then you can wash them with the other clothes.

Moreover, if stored in a pretty container, can be a nice gift idea for your friends 🙂 

Let me know in the comments section down below if this post motivated you to make your own DIY makeup remover pads.

Our mission is to inspire people to actually do the change and not renounce because may seem complicated.

We can consume less and be more sustainable, it’s so easy, we just have to start being aware of it. 

 Remember that you never really throw anything “away”.. 

DIY makeup remover pads

Tools/products needed for approx. 25 discs

 – one big t-shirt

 – scissors

 – sewing needle

 – sewing thread

 – a round shape

Difficulty level: easy

Time needed: 30 minutes

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